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The best thing about winter is the abundance of lamb that is available everywhere. At the local butcher, the fresh markets, the grocery stores. They are everywhere!

I often say, when I see sheep and lamb grazing on the country side that I get a little hungry. Sure they are cute, but boy are the mighty tasty *slurp*.

I have friends with dreams of owning a little farm eventually with animals to tend such as goats, pigs, sheep and chickens. I have been banned from ever visiting their farm based on the fact that I would want to eat all their ‘pets’ *sigh*

No trust these days, I tell ya. I wouldn’t eat their animals at all! How little they know of me. Well, I wouldn’t do it in front of them anyway. “Why, would you look at that? The fox has been in your chicken coop again!” 0_0


Knowing how much I love the taste of this wooly animal, The Boy decided to slow cook some lamb shanks for me one weekend. It was the perfect Sunday night meal. Warm, comforting, filling and oh so tasty. I love my man!

We hope you enjoy our delectable finger licking Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks πŸ™‚


Serve this up with warm polenta or potatoes (any which way) and you’re guaranteed a highly comforting meal.

So my friends, are you like me and get a little hungry visiting farms or do you have shock faces now that you know the kind of person I am?