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Guess what time is it?

It’s Lemon Tart Thyme of course! Wuhoo!

One day, as I was browsing the web for some creative inspiration, I came across a savoury tart shell recipe on Jules Food (she’s amazing guys!). Her recipe called for some rosemary and lemons.

Next thing you know, I was in the kitchen with a dozen lemons in hand (a good friend has a lemon tree and invited us over to gather a bucketload) and snipping away on my little thyme herb pot. I’ve been meaning to pair savoury herbs with desserts for a long time. Ever since I came across Andrew McConnell’s rosemary jelly at Cutler and Co and have been plotting silently, waiting for the right thyme time to attack.


I basically followed the recipe and made some minor modifications. The lemon tart was a hit with my colleagues at work! I hadn’t realised that lemon was such a popular flavour!

If you’re needing to impress friends and family, this is the tart you need to make. It tastes amazing when freshly made, the only thing I would change is the amount of butter used (which I’ve modified in the recipe below). Eating the tart the next day proved to be a slight challenge, as the tart base was soaked through and slightly soggy. However, as it was made with almond meal, this didn’t affect the taste or texture too much (it would be a completely different outcome if it was a normal flour based tart shell).


Recipe as inspired by Jules Food’s Greek Yoghurt Lemon Tart with Rosemary Almond Crust


And there you have it folks, a Lemon Thyme Tart.