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First day of Work

I woke up feeling that today is going to be a wonderful day. So I shall make it so. Positive thinking leads to positive acts which in turn, leads to a positive day (I hope so). Anyways… good news is I didnt get fired. Well, did really well at work yesterday or...

Monday Morning Blues

*sigh*It’s kinda sad that you would start the day with a sigh, and a hearty Sigh it is. Oh well, I’m about to go off to work today. The third week of my first ever job. Hope I survive it. But “the secret” recommends me to think positive. So...

Second week of Work…

I messed up on my second week of work. It was horrible… I went to work yesterday and everything was good.. until I messed up. There was no one else at the office except for me and the two directors. I can’t believe it. My director did tell me in a very...

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@msihua Instagram

 Raw bonito with cherries, salsify, broad beans, sea asparagus and pea juice. . . Simple, clean, delicious @septimeparis . . #msihuainParis #septime #Worlds50Best #50BestTastemaker  What do these Sacristain, Pain au Chocolat, and Pistachio Escargot have in common? Why they've all come from the famed pastry shop in Paris, Du Pain Et Des Ideés! . . . #msihuainParis #dupainetdesidees  Can't get over this delcious dessert from The Ledbury, Notting Hill. . . Wild and Gariguette Strawberries with Rosé Jelly and Clotted Cream, this dish was a delightful taste of spring and summer. Tart and sweet, it was the perfect ending to our 4 course meal. . . #msihuainLondon #TheLedbury
 Missing the warm weather just so that I can have another round of @oddiesfoodies Egg Waffles and Gelato! Ive still got so much food and travel photos to share with you peeps over the next few weeks from our travels! Huzzah! . . This place was filled with foreigners like us! Clearly and instagrammable spot luckily the waffles and gelato were too notch! Completely worth the trek up those stairs from Sheung Wan station 🤗 If you've been there , you know what I mean!  Melbourne, your sunset is simply stunning tonight  . . . There's something romantic about park benches, and a sunset, don't you think? I've kinda missed the busy street lights and sounds of the metropolis cities we've recently visited, but the tranquillity of suburban Victoria is something i always treasure.  Did someone say it's Friyay?! Then its time to celebrate the last of the #AussieWine month with this beautiful bottle of Swinging Bridge Blanc de Blancs. A sparkling wine made from Orange region Chardonnay. It has been named in honour of the matriachs of the Ward family. . . This sparkling was made in the traditional method, with the secondary fermentation in the bottle. Perfect for a Friday, don't you think? . . There's still time to join the @aussiewinemonth instagram competition! Simply follow their account and post your best Aussie Wine month photo and tag them 🤗 . . #wineaustralia #aussiewinemonth #msihuastyles

@zeboy Instagram

 L' Arpège: Chicken cooked in Hay, Spinach. Chicken was cooked to perfection and that skin was amazing. A nice hint of smokiness. #arpege #zeboyinparis #50BestTastemaker  Confit de Canard maison, cuisse de canard maigre - Confit Duck Leg at Au Pied de Fouet in Saint Germain. #eatingout #confitduck #zeboyinparis  Pierre Herme's 2000 Feuilles. This is mind blowingly good. #pierreherme #zeboyinparis
 Happy International Burger Day!  Chur Burger Classic & Sweet Potato Fries. #churburger #hoyts #chadstone  The fluffiest and lightest soufflé to rule them all. #champeaux #souffle #zeboyinparis  When your hotel is less than 10 minutes walk to Pierre Herme. #ispahan #pierreherme #zeboyinparis

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