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Blueberry Banana Bread Recipe

Anyone can bake a banana bread. It’s one of the simplest and quickest things any amateur baker can make in the kitchen. Here, I share with you a secret ingredient that will change the game to all of your banana bread recipes!

Playground: Salmon, Hot & Cold

Hai! What have we here? Summer is over? Autumn now embraces us? How about a dish that seems to match the recent weather? Hot one day and cold the next? This is our second Playground of the year: Salmon, Hot and Cold.

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 Home now after a super long day at work. I am now officially in zombie mode. I think I may just need another holiday. Or two. Or change. Also, does anyone here know of any Japanese Spitz puppy breeders or have friends with said puppies that need adopting in Melbourne? I'm ready to have a fur baby. Whilst I still have your attention, this is the side view of my Double Chocolate Fig Cake ❤ #chocolatecake #msihuabakes  Work is getting tougher, life is getting harder. Somehow it feels as if Japan was a lifetime ago. I need my dreams to be sweeter again #givemehope #givemestrength #lapatisseriedesreves p/s best Paris Brest we've ever had! ❤❤❤  Reach for the sky, they said! Don't look down, they said! With my shaking knees we ascended Umeda Sky Building slowly. It's an interesting building to be on and a stranger concept of how the Japanese in Osaka view the future (i.e.:, these escalators will interconnect through glass domes all the way up to space, where humans will live in the future) #umedaskybuilding #osaka #umeda
 Double Chocolate Fig Cake ❤ #msihuabakes  Take me back. Take me back now to Japan, I beg of you. Monday blues. What I wouldn't give, to enjoy this Langoustine shrimp from Shizuoka #langoustine #narisawa #shizuoka  I cannot wait until I can next wake up early to get my hands on @lunecroissant's Twice Baked Snickers Croissant. Tres magnifique! #snickers #lunecroissant #weekenddreams

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 Upclose of the Mushroom, Chestnuts in gold, Tonkotsu & Baby Beetroot Chips dish from yesterday. An umami-packed & heartwarming dish perfect for this cold weather. #homecooking  #latergram Worth getting up at 5am on the weekend for this. Twice Baked Snickers Croissant from @lunecroissant  Fauchon "Homage to Japan" eclairs. Koinobori eclair (carp streamers used to celebrate Children's Day) and Hokusai's Great Wave of Kanagawa eclair. #fauchon #eclairs #japan
 Homecooked: A very autumnal dish of Mushrooms (Slippery Jacks, Swiss Brown, Enoki, pickled Shiitakes), freshly roasted Chestnuts, slow roasted & seared Shallots, smoky Tonkotsu Broth & Baby Beetroot Chips. #umami #homecooking #autumn  Benefits of having homemade tonkotsu stock stored in the freezer and some left over poached pork belly: You get to whip up a quick & easy bowl of ramen for breakfast on lazy weekends. #ramen #homecooking #hangovercure  More cute cat/animal doughnuts from Japan to brighten this gloomy Melbourne morning weather. #catdonuts #cat #doughnuts

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