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Playground: Sher Wagyu F1, Red Wine Glaze

We are not quite sure how 6 months have gone by since our last Playground post! All we did was blink, and it’s Christmas time! Here is a delicious Sher Wagyu dish for you to ogle on before we all go a little cray cray for Christmas :)

Double Chocolate Blueberries, Marshmallow, Yoghurt Brownie Recipe

It’s been months since I baked anything in the kitchen. Long hours at work and a busy social schedule has kept my creativity at bay. However, I am now refreshed and ready to tackle the oven once more. Behold! A decadent double chocolate blueberry, marshmallow and yoghurt brownie. It even sounds semi-healthy.

Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards 2015, Mexico City

You may have seen on our social media posts or you may even have heard from various media channels, but The Boy and I recently won an all-expense trip to Mexico City to attend the prestigious Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants hosted by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Here is a recap of the events!

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@msihua Instagram

 So much bacon!! Croissants, waffles, congee, cheese, ham and bacon (I didn't get everything as I was too busy eating all the things ) @eatallthethingsmelbourne . . Happy Birthday @eatallthethingsmelbourne!   Happy Friday everyone! . .  by @bigpicturestuff  Look at this perfection everyone! Support our young new talents in the industry and vote for @siewling_shiu from @luxbite on the @savourpatissieroftheyear competition  . . #voteforsiewling #voteforNicoleShiu
 Birthday congee for @eatallthethingsmelbourne ! . . Hooray!! Thai congee is the perfect way to start this wet and windy cold day here in Melbourne!  . . #birthdaycongee  If you thought that last cake I posted by @siewling_shiu was amazing, look at this pistachio tart made by her. The figs are made out of hand painted chocolates and finger limes!!! How crazy cool is that?! Vote for her as the people's choice award via @savourpatissieroftheyear  . . #savourpatissieroftheyear #voteforNicoleShiu #voteforsiewling  Delicious and amazing! Not sure why we've waited so long to discover the great Italian fare at @cecconisflinderslane. Expertly cooked by Chef Maurice Esposito  . . This is the Salmon Carpaccio Cured with beetroot and served with the most delicious cucumber and apple jelly, cotechino sausage and grilled octopus. Lip smacking goodness! #cecconismediatasting #cecconismelbourne #italianway #invite

@zeboy Instagram

 Brunch of congee, waffles, croissants & bacon at @eatallthethingsmelbourne 's home with @msihua @ieatblog @offthespork @my_foodtrail @alasta this morning. Perfect cure for this miserable weather. #brunch #weekend #bacon  #throwbackthursdays 12hr Sous Vide Pork Belly, Yuzu, Leeks, Potato Puree. #zeboycooks #homecooking  Roasted Lamb Rump, White Bean Puree, Honey Glazed Parsnip, Rosemary Jus at @cecconisflinderslane for their new Winter Menu preview. #cecconismediatasting #cecconismelbourne
 Wish I was having this right now. Gnocchi and Mushrooms from @cecconisflinderslane ! Texture was lovely. This is such a superb dish for winter. #cecconismediatasting #cecconismelbourne  #zeboycooks #behindthescenes Seaweed Streamers, Samphire (Sea Asparagus), Sea Spray (Sea Blight), Beach Bananas, Oyster Leaves.  A beautiful dish of Cured Salmon Carpaccio, Cucumber Jelly, Avocado Gel and Slow Cooked Octopus with Grilled Cotechino Sausage, Salsa Verde & Mustard Fruits at @cecconisflinderslane 's Winter Menu Preview. Definitely a perfect plate for winter. #cecconismediatasting #cecconismelbourne

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