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Bali: Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort and Dinner at Cut Catch Cucina

Bali, the unofficial 7th state of Australia, is a quick getaway for many Aussies wishing to enjoy some sun, sea and sand during the colder months of the year. Only 6 hours away by flight, the island of Indonesia welcomes visitors and caters to travellers of all budgets. We decided to embark on a luxurious escapade last year and stayed in Sofitel Nusa Dua Beach Resort.

“Chandon in the City” at The Emerson Rooftop

Melbourne is getting pretty good with its pop-up options. One notable Pop-Up in the month of April 2016 to watch out for is “Chandon in the City” on The Emerson Rooftop, showcasing the finest food and wine in Melbourne’s hottest night club venues. Get in quick!

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 Dining Out: Haku, Hong Kong. . A trio of fresh sashimi presented in a lovely tray resembling Spring. . - Hamachi, Akegarashi, Menegi. - Sea Urchin, Wakame. - Yari Ika, Lardo, Hanaho. @hakuhongkong @agux1988 #HakuHK #HongKong #50BestTasteHunter #zeboyinhk  Dining Out: Haku, Hong Kong. I've heard so much about Haku and was bummed I didn't get a chance to dine here the last time. Last month, before getting onto our ferry to Macau for the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants Awards, I managed to squeeze in lunch at Haku. For our welcome snack, we were served a Squid Ink Tapioca Chip with Roasted Sweet Onion, Chevril & Spanish Foie Gras. This was followed by Chanwanmushi & Caviar - Ichiban Dashi, Yuzu, Daikon, Soft Rice Cake & Karasumi. Immediately after that, we had the Mochi with Dashi. This was great as I have always associate mochi as being something sweet. Having mochi served as a savoury was a refreshing change. @hakuhongkong @agux1988 #50BestTasteHunter #HakuHK #HongKong #zeboyinhk  Dining Out: DEN, Tokyo. Ending our wonderful dinner at Den with a 'petit four' in the form of a "Star Comebacks" mug. Cane Sugar (cooked till the very edge of being burnt), Custard Pudding and Black Truffles mimicks the intense coffee characteristics in this final dessert. The mug itself is an ode to when Den lost its second Michelin star in 2013 but has since gained it back in 2018. During our 'petit four' we were entertained by none other than @puchi.jr !  Such an adorable pup! We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here at Den and will definitely make our way back in the near future. P.s. Can you spot the Vegemite on the neckerchief that @msihua bought for Puchi Jr.?  @TheWorlds50Best @ZaiyuHasegawa #Worlds50Best #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #DenTokyo
 Dining Out: Haku, Hong Kong. Vegetables with Yuzu Kosho. Haku brings in fresh produce from local organic farms in the New Territories. @hakuhongkong @agux1988 #50BestTasteHunter #HakuHK #HongKong #zeboyinhk  It was 6°C in Osaka and we wanted something hearty and close by. Thank god Ichiran Ramen was literally a minute's walk from our hotel. Ichiran's tonkotsu broth definitely hit the spot! P.s.: We ordered extra chashu as well!  @ichiranjp #ichiran #ramen #noodles #tonkotsu  Dining Out: DEN, Tokyo. Den's "Tea-ramisu" served on a garden shovel which mimicks the Moss Gar-DEN at the front of the restaurant. Chocolate Ganache, Hojicha Leaves, Matcha, Buckwheat and Bamboo Charcoal makes this delicious and fun-to-eat dessert. @TheWorlds50Best @ZaiyuHasegawa #Worlds50Best #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #DenTokyo

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