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TOKYO: Tsukiji Market & Daiwa Sushi

Here’s our second Japan post. This time we take you with us on a trip to the world famous Tsukiji Market and recount our meal at Sushi Daiwa, before it all relocates to a new venue in 2016.

Playground: Zeboy’s Test Club Degustation

It’s definitely been a long hiatus since our last Playground post. So this time, we thought we would post up something completely different. This time, we review ourselves, our cooking and our service. Intrigued? Welcome to the Mad Genius Degustation!

Whatever by Mahjong @ St Kilda, VIC

It’s been 8 years since Max Tsang opened up Mahjong in St. Kilda. Earlier this year, having rebranded and refocussed the restaurant’s vision, Whatever by Mahjong is serving up traditional Chinese dishes with modern twists.

LA: Animal Restaurant @ Los Angeles, USA

When you think America is all about sleazy fast-food diner joints, milkshakes and sloppy Joes, you might need to sit down, whilst we reveal Animal to you. Hang on tight, this sh*t is going to get wild! ROAR!

Revisit: Breakfast at Hammer & Tong @ Fitzroy, VIC

Not sure what to order when you finally get a table at the ever popular Hammer & Tong in Fitzroy? Don’t get distracted by their menu and just head on for the Breakfast Ramen. You won’t believe how good this is. Also, it’s perfect for a hangover! Say what??! Read on!

Walk Don’t Run @ Armadale, VIC – Mindful Eating

Ready to take on the challenge of mindful eating? Well, the new kid on Armadale’s block sure is going to make it easy for you with their delicious 100% organic fresh produce menu. After a meal here, you’ll leave nourished and energised!

New Melbourne CBD Coffee Spots: Little Rogue & Lt. Nic

Escape from the hustle and bustle of the shopping strip that is Melbourne Central and Emporium and come rest your tired feet and perk your adrenaline up with a cup of coffee (or two) or even a bite to eat at the hidden gems that is Little Rogue and Lt. Nic.

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 I love that Madam Mummy is completely sporting amd gets it when it comes to taking photos of food! Heck, she even plays along to, "Quick, everyone grab a dumpling for the next photo!" #madammummyintown #dumplinggames #eatallthethings  Its Monday morning again! Here's a blog post thats recently gone up and forgot to mention! The Benedict @eatmammoth with duck sausage, orange and corn blini, fried egg, pickled onions and a maple hollandaise sauce. #linkinprofile #breakfastofchampions #mammothcafe  So glad to have managed to grab a piece of this Milo tart from the one and only @luxbite at Sweetfest yesterday! Did you manage to get one before it sold out? #milotart #sweetfest
 Monday. Just left work after spending a full long day hard at work. Monday. I would rather be somewhere else tucking info Greek donuts like the one I had on Saturday. Covered in chocolate sauce and Hazelnut. Sigh. Monday. #odetomonday #monday #donuts  If you're at the last Night Noodle Market tonight, don't forget to try these two amazing snacks from @sugarprawn! Scallop Won Tons and Crispy School Prawns. It's the bom dot com! #nightnoodlemarkets #snacks  @jimmygrants for breakfast? Why, how do you do! A quick and easy snack before catching Spectre worth Madam Mummy and @zeboy  #breakfastofchampions #jimmygrants

@zeboy Instagram

 Homecooked: Sous Vide Pork Belly, Pickled Daikon Ribbon, Cauliflower Puree, Fried Radish Cake, Water Chestnut, Leek Oil, Ikura. #homecooking #porkbelly  Don't forget to get this at the Sweet Fest Melbourne as well. @luxbite 's Milo Tart. Definitely brings back some childhood memories. #sweetfest #sweetfestmelbourne #luxbite #goodfoodmonth #tbyluxbite  N2 Extreme Gelato × Black Star Pastry 's Cake Smash Gelato at Sweetfest Melbourne. It's like eating the Strawberry & Watermelon Cake but in an ice cream format. #sweetfest #sweetfestmelbourne #n2 #blackstarpastry #gelato #cakesmash
 This was probably the most challenging dish for me at Lûmé IMHO. Hen cooked in Chamomile, Acidulated Wild Violets and Salted Yolk. Meat was cooked beautifully but the yolk was super intense that it needed to go with congee to balance it. It would be so good with congee  #lume #lumerestaurant  Also bought @shortstopmelbourne 's Matcha, Yuzu & Lime filled Donut from Sweetfest Melbourne today. There is yuzu and lime curd filled in that donut. #sweetfestmelbourne #shortstopdonuts  #flashbackfridays with these gorgeous Spiced Red Wine Poached Pears using Taltarni's 2013 Shiraz Viognier. Beautiful flavours and aroma. Adding cinnamon sticks, cloves and vanilla to the poaching syrup does wonders.

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