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Lemon Thyme Tart Recipe

Do you know what time it is? Why, it’s Thyme for a Lemon Tart! Ouch! Here’s a recipe that will bring both savoury and sweet lovers into harmony.

Playground: Sher Wagyu F1, Red Wine Glaze

We are not quite sure how 6 months have gone by since our last Playground post! All we did was blink, and it’s Christmas time! Here is a delicious Sher Wagyu dish for you to ogle on before we all go a little cray cray for Christmas 🙂

Double Chocolate Blueberries, Marshmallow, Yoghurt Brownie Recipe

It’s been months since I baked anything in the kitchen. Long hours at work and a busy social schedule has kept my creativity at bay. However, I am now refreshed and ready to tackle the oven once more. Behold! A decadent double chocolate blueberry, marshmallow and yoghurt brownie. It even sounds semi-healthy.

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 The famous Steamed Flowery Crab with aged Chinese Wine and Rice Noodles from The Chairman in Hong Kong. Currebtlt number 47 on the @theworlds50best Asia Best list. The food was really tasty and delicious. A great Cantonese affair! . . . Definitely make a reservation in advance if you plan on visiting (you can WhatsApp them for a booking!); and it's a little bit off the beaten trail from Sheung Wan station, but well worth the trek 🤗 #msihuainHK #thechairmanhk #asia50best  When Nakamura Tokiji is right at your doorstep, its hard to say no! Soft serve of Hojicha and Matcha with mochi and red bean? Yes, please! . . . #msihuainHK #nakamuratokichi #icecream  There's nothing more authentic than a Cha Chaan Teng meal when in Hong Kong! We had supper at the Australia Dairy Company (still don't know why it's called that) last night to cure our jet lag, and it worked! . . . We had HK milk teas, macaroni noodles with Ham and Egg and a Ham and Egg sandwich  Loved the super quick service (wham, bam, thank you ma'am) and wee were in and out if there within 30 minutes. Please be warned that this place has a reputation for unfriendly service and staff, but its all part and parcel of the experience 🤗 . . #msihuainHK #chachaanteng #australiadairycompany
 Today, we woke up to a Code Black rain storm in Hong Kong. So after a quick breakfast in the hotel, we did the only logical thing. We went back to bed! Woke back up at 12 noon to check-out and as the weather warning dropped back to Code Amber, we risked a short walk to Harbour City. Found Mak's Noodle (not the original store), to try their Michelin starred noodles. It was delicious. Al dente and springy! . . . ##msihuainHK #maksnoodle  Hello, Hong Kong  . . . #msihuainHK #HongKong  Loving the double vision effect here at @themirahotel! I keep thinking I'm walking into mirrors! . . #msihuainHK

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 Pierre Herme's 2000 Feuilles. This is mind blowingly good. #pierreherme #zeboyinparis  Blood Cake, Apple Mustard, Chicory at @lyleslondon #eatingout #lyleslondon #50Best  Apologies for being MIA from Instagram these couple of days. We've been busy getting a few last minute chores done before we head off on our holidays. Stay tuned! #homecooking #zeboycooks #chocolate #dessert
 When your hotel is less than 10 minutes walk to Pierre Herme. #ispahan #pierreherme #zeboyinparis  My fave at @lyleslondon is the Smoked Eel, Potatoes, Dulse. So good..  #lyleslondon #eatingout #50Best  May the 4th be with you. Chocolate asteroids!  Choc Mousse, Royce Chocolate Popcorn, Dark Choc Glaze. #homecooking #zeboycooks

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