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Lemon Thyme Tart Recipe

Do you know what time it is? Why, it’s Thyme for a Lemon Tart! Ouch! Here’s a recipe that will bring both savoury and sweet lovers into harmony.

Playground: Sher Wagyu F1, Red Wine Glaze

We are not quite sure how 6 months have gone by since our last Playground post! All we did was blink, and it’s Christmas time! Here is a delicious Sher Wagyu dish for you to ogle on before we all go a little cray cray for Christmas đŸ™‚

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 Intergalactic pastry from @luxbite  Perfect start for a Monday morning! đŸ¤—  What a wild and windy night! Need to just indulge in a tub of delicious @connoisseurdesserts mousse as we catch up on tv watching! What's your favourite flavour? . . . #connoisseurdesserts #decadent #spon  Wishing that the @pierrehermeofficial's 2000 Feuille was accessible here in Australia! But alas, it is not. . . Layers and layers of flaky caramelised puff pastry crust, crispy pralinĂ© with Piedmont hazelnuts, praliné mousseline cream  . . . Thanks to a great rest day at home, going into work tomorrow isn't going to be so bad (I'll combine myself its okay)!
 When @zeboy says to male Truffle Arancini, he meams business. Prettiest Arancini balls I'd ever seen. . . . Deep frying is certainly the way to go! We baked half and fried the other half, and the baked goods were just not as tasty, deep frying always wins! . . #zeboycooks #homecooking  Best thing about mushrooms? The more you eat, the smaller your waistline! It doesn't take up 'mushroom' in your body! . . I'm the courtesy 'fun-gi' on this trip!! (Boom-Tish!) @ieatblog @my_foodtrail @secondhelping @zeboy . . . #parwanvalleymushrooms #powerofmushrooms #australianmushrooms  Took a Mental Health day today to recharge from the stresses and pressures of work. Its been a big year so far taking on 3 roles for a company size of 2000+ and been on the burn out bench for a while. Luciky I have an understanding manager who said "okay" with no questions asked when I mentioned I needed time out today to recharge. . . Some might question if my manager was so understanding, why can't they resource properly and relieve workloads? Sometimes, these things just aren't possible not for lack of trying but I'll keep pushing and finding alternatives to work smarter and not harder. Such is corporate life! Just remember to break the stigma and find the courage to speak up when the going gets tough. What is the worst that could happen? You get a "no", and then you know your true value, and can leave to find something else. Nothing is set in stone. Asking "RU OK" to yourself is sometimes needed too. . . So I'm taking a day to focus on just me. "Me" day is going great so far. Couch and music videos đŸ¤— . . #ruok

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 #throwbackthursday Marsala poached Figs, Quince, Davidson Plum Granita. #homecooking #zeboycooks  Upclose: Truffle Roast Chicken, Polenta, Charred Lettuce. #truffle #homecooking #zeboycooks  #throwbackthursday Lamb & Mushrooms. #homecooking #zeboycooks #tbt
 Homecooked: Scallops covered in Sea Urchin Sauce, Zucchini Flower stuffed with Sweet Corn, Caviar. #homecooking #zeboycooks  Eating Out: Salivating just thinking about this. Boat Noodles at Jing Jai Thai. #jingjaithai #boatnoodles  Care for some tacos? @hoteljesus #eatingout #humpday #tacos

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