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Spotlight: Banana Leaf Rice

Banana Leaf Rice. This delicious and amazing South Indian cuisine is very popular with Malaysians. Having been bred “literally” on this, I couldn’t wait to try it when I was in Malaysia on my last visit!

Greenhouse by Joost @ Queensbridge Square, Southbank, Melbourne

If you think that the wonderful city of Melbourne can’t get any cooler, think again! For the next 20 days (during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2012), the most liveable city in the world gets a pop up Greenhouse restaurant by Joost! Read on to find out more 🙂

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 Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. Potato "Noodles" in an umami Clam Broth with Fried Shallots & locally sourced Caviar from Teluk Intan. @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Worlds50Best #Malaysia  Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. Slow cooked Red Snapper with broth made from Temu (a rhizome with fragrant green mango scent) and dressed with fish oil, selom leaf, parsley. @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Worlds50Best #Malaysia  Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. Banana Heart brushed with Taucheo (Fermented Soybean Paste) and topped with Kerdas (Archidendron Bubalinum) Chips, Fiddlehead Ferns, Pickled Rose & Smoked Daikon. @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Worlds50Best #Malaysia
 Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. Kid Goat cooked medium rare and glazed with Petai-So (Dewakan's homemade petai miso) and Minced Goat Shoulder with Chinese Chives & Lime juice. @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Worlds50Best #Malaysia  Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. 1) Goat Tartare with Compressed Pumpkin. 2) Roasted Eggplant with Keluak & Candlenut Oil. @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Worlds50Best #Malaysia  Dining Out: Dewakan, Malaysia. Prawns warmed in Star Fruit (Carambola) Juice with Herbs. One of our favourite dishes from the menu at Dewakan. @dewakanmy @theworlds50best #Dewakan #Asias50Best #50BestTasteHunter #Worlds50Best #Malaysia

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