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Pope Joan @ Brunswick East – Review

  When we first heard that Chef Matt Wilkinson had left Circa, the Boy and I were devastated… here we were, planning to go to Circa, because of him and he goes and leaves it! But then, it was announced that he would be opening up his own restaurant… Pope...

Taste of Melbourne 2010 – Part IV – Sights and Sounds

The last and final part to my epic food weekend at Taste of Melbourne… By Sunday evening (which dinner I skipped), I was on the verge of food overload (if ever there was such a thing, Sunday night it was) The lovely Smeg fridges which I always want but can never...

Taste Of Melbourne 2010 – Part I (Mostly Stokehouse)

When the Boy and I heard that the Taste of Melbourne would be making it’s rounds again this year, we got super excited and bought tickets really early on… and receiving 30 crowns (the denominations used for food in the event/festival) for 5 dollars...

Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder @ Bridge Road, Richmond

“I’m free on Saturday if you want to meet up for brunch?”, announced Ms. Tinymouse on Thursday… “Want to try, Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder?”, it’ll be good!… And I agreed with the plus point of it having a discount...

EARL Canteen @ 500 Bourke Street (NAB Building), Melbourne

**WARNING** PORKAGRAPHY EXPLOSION **WARNING** I must admit, that I’m probably the last foodie/blogger in Melbourne that has yet to blog/taste the astounding sandwiches at EARL Canteen… So, last Friday… I was determined that I’d jump on the...

Cafe Sapore @ Chadstone Shopping Centre

One weekend, I was being an incredible spoiled-brat (it happens quite frequently now… I throw a mean-ass tantrum if I don’t get what I want… and what I want usually involves bacon and eggs) The Boy suggested that we walk around Chaddy to find a new...

Bashuge Traditional Szechuan Restaurant @ Carnegie

Looking like the glamourous sister sitting next to the very popular Auntie’s Dumplings is Bashuge Traditional Szechuan Restaurant… I’ve been there twice so far… and both times, I’ve eaten way more than I should (the servings here are...
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@msihua Instagram

 How do you like your oysters? I love mine with a hint of lemon juice and some spice, usually Tabasco. Today, we tried some with Sriracha from Theo's and Sons, and it was brilliant! @zeboy usually likes his done the Kilpatrick way (I suppose it's because of all the bacon) @prahranmarket #oysters  Don't forget to pop on by Caulfield Racecourse Blue Diamond Stakes Day today to visit these guys in action for the #FlavoursofAsia Market Festival  @wonderbao_ @melbourneracingclub Information on profile link  Oh wow! I've finally hit 5000 followers! Thank you all for helping me reach this milestone and for your follows ☺️☺️☺️ Hooray!! so here are some lovely Macarons for you to rejoice with! #achievement #milestone
 Ate up a storm today with @zeboy @offthespork @ieatblog at today's Taste of Prahran Market. Here we have the Berkshire Ham from Gary's meats and Pulled Pork from Neil's meats! Oh so yum! Thanks @prahranmarket for putting up such a good sold-out Partay!   You sexy thing! Lemon tart from @tbyluxbite #tgif  I'm gonna miss the long sunlit days and the beautiful fresh summer fruits when summer ends. It's been a beautiful inspiration! Figs for life! #msihuabakes #figs #summer

@zeboy Instagram

 #tbt to something cheeky I made almost 2 years back.  Lick-Mi-Ko-Teh: Horlicks Crumble, Milo Parfait Bars, White Coffee in a shot glass, Teh Tarik (Pulled Tea) Panna Cotta Tube. This dessert is based on a drink (Horlicks+Milo+Coffee+Tea) you might find in some Mamak stalls in Malaysia (or maybe S'pore too?). Can't say I've ever ordered one before. Anyone else tried this weird combo?  #throwbackthursdays  Eating Out: Kazuki's. Lamb Provencale - sous vide, carved & pan fried three point rack of lamb served with pesto, lamb shoulder croquette, zucchini, olives, tomatoes, avocado and pissaladiere. #kazukis #daylesford #eatingout  New limited edition Chinese New Year tarts from @tbyluxbite . This is my favourite out of the two. Hong Kong style baked egg tart, red dates & rock sugar jelly, farmed birds nest. #birdsnest #tart #eggtart #tbyluxbite
 Hoy Pinoy's mouth-watering Inihaw Na Manok (BBQ Chicken Skewers) will be at the Flavours of Asia Market in Caulfield Racecourse as part of the Blue Diamond Stakes Day this Saturday. That was some damn good skewer  #hoypinoy #flavoursofasia #invite  Another @tbyluxbite limited edition CNY tart. The Prosperity tart with Palm Sugar, Coconut, White Chocolate, Mandarin, Orange, Firecracker Chocolate Bits, Chocolate Tart. #tbyluxbite #luxbite  An umami packed dish at Saint Crispin for Grey Goose's #tastebyappointment - Wagyu Beef Fillet & Cheek, Soy & Roasted Onion Consommé, Wakame & Mushroom Fricassee with Pacific Oyster & Sesame Seed Crunch. @greygooseau @saintcrispin #greygoose #invite

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