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about us.

I am a Human Resources professional who enjoys living in Melbourne and spends a lot of my time trying not to let life get the better of me.

I started this blog out a few years ago as a way to get away from reality and work. What started out as a personal blog for venting purposes has somehow evolved into a food, travel and  entertainment blog. Mostly though, this blog is about food.

Why food? The answer is simply because I’m Malaysian (and that should answer a lot of questions). Food is and has always been a central point of our culture. We literally live to eat.

This is a repository for me to record my feelings and my experiences with my readers.

This is also collaborative blog between the Boy (my love and my new husband) and I to share with others the food we eat and cook as well as the adventures we have together.

He is my sound board, my chef, my guinea pig, my stand-in photographer, my in-house editor, my soul mate.

If it weren’t for him, this blog wouldn’t be up and running the way it is and the pictures wouldn’t be edited to the standard it is.

Many have asked this question, “How in the world, do you pronounce I-Hua?”

And I’ve decided enough is enough. I’m tired of explaining and repeating myself (one reason why I go by another name in my work life).

So, here you go.

I-Hua is pronounced as Ai (love, 愛) and Hoo-wah (as in the Chinese culture/people, 华; not flower like many think). So my name literally means Love Chinese (happy to have people clarify this as I don’t write or read Chinese, I just speak it, which means I’m probably half a banana, i.e. yellow on the outside and white on the inside).

If you do want to get in touch with me (or us), then send me an email via msihuablog[at] (Replace [at] with @)

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