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Breakfast in Melbourne’s Inner Southern Suburbs – Dead Man Espresso, Mart 130 & Miss Jackson

Are you ready for a new breakfast round-up? Put your budgie smugglers on and hang tight folks! We’re off to the Bay (the Bayside to be exact). What are budgie smugglers? Doesn’t matter if you don’t know. I bring you a pork belly sanga, corn fritters and bucketloads of bacon in this new round-up. Here we go!

Andrew’s Hamburgers @ Albert Park, Melbourne – Burgers Galore!

Ever felt like a good greasy burger filled to the brim with onions, cheese, bacon and egg would save you from a hellish existence? And I’m not alluding to those served at fast food outlets. This is the real deal. A real burger joint with no pretense, serving good ol’ honest burgers.