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Filipino Galore at Dahon Gourmet Tea Lounge @ South Melbourne, VIC

If you happen to be around the area (or if you’re not, get there!) in South Melbourne, why not try out Dahon Gourmet Tea Lounge for some amazing teas (skip the coffees!) and good Filipino food? If you’re quite unsure how the two things go together, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it 🙂

Breakfast in Melbourne’s Inner Southern Suburbs – Dead Man Espresso, Mart 130 & Miss Jackson

Are you ready for a new breakfast round-up? Put your budgie smugglers on and hang tight folks! We’re off to the Bay (the Bayside to be exact). What are budgie smugglers? Doesn’t matter if you don’t know. I bring you a pork belly sanga, corn fritters and bucketloads of bacon in this new round-up. Here we go!