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Lunch by René Redzepi (Noma) & Neil Perry (Rockpool) @ Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne [MFWF 2012]

Dreams can come true. As major food geeks and nerds, the Boy and I were slightly astonished to be able to get two tickets out of the 50 people exclusive event at the Noma and Rockpool MFWF 2012 event. More than a month has gone by since we shared a taste of the World’s Number 1 restaurant’s cuisine, and I still can hardly believe it.

Sweets Festival, Preview Night @ Immigration Museum, Melbourne + Giveaway

Are you a sweet tooth? Do you find yourself reaching for the last piece of cookie in the jar? Do you lose count of the spoonfuls of sugar you add in your hot beverage? As long as it’s sweet, you’ll have it? Well, my friends, dwell no more about when your next sugar level should fly! Visit the Immigration Museum during the Sweets Festival to get your heart racing! Find out how you can win a double pass 🙂

Trupp Cooking School @ Prahran, VIC – Sharpen Your Culinary Skills With Walter Trupp

Ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of a master chef? I have always wanted to glean some knowledge and watch someone who cooks for a living demonstrate their knowledge and prowess around food. What better way to do this, than by attending a cooking class in a cooking school? Follow me as I take a night’s journey to Trupp Cooking School in Prahran, VIC.