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The Wedding Invites

It has come to the pointy bit of our wedding preparations. As we take a pause in our last couple of days as unmarried souls, the Boy and I would love to share with you a snap shot of the wedding invitations we both created (through old, new and borrowed ideas) for our closest family and friends. Hope you enjoy!

One heck of a Roller Coaster Ride!

Another shout out of thanks and gratitude to all my readers, friends and family. We have had a crazy first half of 2012 and this is just another hurdle for us to overcome. Have you had appendicitis before? Can you recognise the signs? Don’t leave it too late, as it can be very serious if left alone.

Spotlight: Malaysian Satay

Did you realise that there are many versions of satay and the first satay originated from Indonesia? In this Spotlight post, we showcase to you Malaysia’s famous version of satay.