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Day out at Prahran Market

  The beautiful Prahran Market building   Are you the sort of person that craves going to the market? Doesn’t matter what kind of market, be it the farmers market, the vegie market, the fruit market, the crafts market… just pick a market, any market, cheap...

An Afternoon of High Cofee @ Market Lane Bar, Intercontinental Hotel Rialto, Melbourne CBD

Are you a lover of coffee? Do you like traditional afternoon teas (high teas)? Why not visit Intercontinental Melbourne and put your two loves into one like we did and participate in the High Coffee experience on offer? Read on to find out more about High Coffee.

Trupp Cooking School @ Prahran, VIC – Sharpen Your Culinary Skills With Walter Trupp

Ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of a master chef? I have always wanted to glean some knowledge and watch someone who cooks for a living demonstrate their knowledge and prowess around food. What better way to do this, than by attending a cooking class in a cooking school? Follow me as I take a night’s journey to Trupp Cooking School in Prahran, VIC.