Playground Series: Eye Candy [1] – The Untitled Dessert

Can you believe that it is already the end of March? What on earth happened to time?

I feel that the last few years have positively flown by. All I want to do is freeze time, freeze the way I’m feeling, my life, my work and revel in it.

In the last couple of weeks, the Boy and I have been cooking a lot more than usual.

We seem to have hit our heads hard somewhere as all we are seemingly plating up are desserts.

Him with the pipe desserts and me with my new-found penchant for baking (WHO ARE WE?!).

We thought we’d welcome you into Autumn with this beautiful Eye Candy.

Perchance you could help us name this untitled dessert?

To make this dish, the Boy and I went all around Melbourne markets (and Leo’s Fine Foods) to source these ingredients.

Vanilla Panna Cotta, Cherry Cylinder, Cherry Sorbet, Finger Lime, Freeze Dried Mango Crumbs, Fresh Cherries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Sugar Tuile, Geranium Petals and Baby Shiso.


This dessert essentially comprises of 3 components:

1) Vanilla Panna Cotta topped with Finger Limes.

2) Cherry Cylinder (Cherry Panna Cotta), Freeze Dried Mango Crumbs (store bought and crushed into crumbs), Fresh Blackberries and Blueberries.

3) Cherry Sorbet, Fresh Cherries (halved) and Sugar Tuile.

It is finished with garnishings of Geranium petals and Baby Shiso leaves (homegrown).


I love how each item “pops” on the plate.

Makes me feel as if I was looking at some pop art :)

I especially loved the pinkness of the Cherry cylinder and how the small pieces of sugar tuile falls on it resembling snow flakes.


What do you think of the Boy’s creation?

I think it’s visually stunning.

I want to give it a name but I’m not sure what to call it. It reminds me of both summer and winter. Perhaps a take on some saying from Games of Thrones?

Hope you enjoyed this fetching eye candy :)

More to come! So stay tuned …


  1. Omg such beautiful and vibrant looking dessert! Reminds me of Spring more than Autumn! I wld name this dessert “Spring is always near when love is here”

    Heeheehee sorry if its completely weird but I think ur dessert really encapsulates ur love for each other and that’s why no matter what season u created this joyful dessert :)))
    piggyeatalot recently posted…Piggy, Monky and Froggy eating our way around Melbourne (III)

    • Awww shucks… our love is weird!

  2. oh my this is very very pretty i would want to just stare at it and not eat it! i would name this “we never said bye to summer”

    • Oh good title!

    • Just like a musicians unsung piece!

  3. I’ll probably name it cherry bomb. :)
    Michelle recently posted…瀨粉

    • Hahaha… it was da bomb

  4. You guys really have been cooking and baking HEAPS lately :) I’m super proud of you ~ The Boy has just out done himself again and again! I’m STILL waiting for my invite and will keep annoying you until I get one hehe!
    Daisy@Nevertoosweet recently posted…New With Potential – Miss Frank

    • Okay Okay.. soon soon soon.. but have to wait 4 hours okay?

    • Oooo I do like this title! Makes me think of Japan!

    • Arigato!

    • Awww but we could only serve 2 customers at a time!

  5. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying everywhere, on my blog, Facebook, emails: that I want to freeze time right now, when I am so sure, so certain, so happy, and the world is possibility.

    But, you know, life is only going to lead to more adventure. Let’s look forward to meeting it.

    • Ooh! Clever not much 😛 Just crazy that’s all! Mmmmm

  6. You guys are just cray cray. I love you guys <3 haha

    Now Gaz…. pork belly tube next please with a crackle crumb!
    Iron Chef Shellie recently posted…Hot Cross Muffins

    • We wuv you tooooo!!!

    • Just your normal day-to-day crazies!

    • Hooray!

    • I am me. WHO are yOU?

    • Mate I’m always confused 😛


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