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It seems to me that when The Boy gets tasked to prepare a “themed” meal, that he gets a little more extreme each time.

Take in point, when the great Iron Chef Shellie recently (okay it was a few months ago) celebrated her birthday and had the theme as Retro Party (coming up in the next post), The Boy got a little wild eyed and started muttering in his sleep of his plans to dish up something amazing.

He kept asking if it indeed had to be “retro” and if he could do something out of the box?

Clearly, the rest of us just stood by and left him alone to his own devices.

What happened next was slightly beyond me.

The day leading up to the party, he was stressed and I had to stand in and assist him in the preparation and “cooking” whilst he ran around the kitchen like a headless chook. This my friends, is how our cooking adventures (and sometimes misadventures) occur almost daily. Once my prep for his desired recipes were completed, he went away to plate up.

This was the result.


Isn’t it just beautiful? He took on his initial idea from my birthday project of the Koi Fish Pie and improved it tenfold I think! With this twist to the classic 70’s salmon rillette, The Boy has once again outdone himself!


My guns were put to good use I can assure you in mashing up the beautiful pieces of salmon!


Don’t you think it’s just perfectly OTT? The exact sentiments showcased from Retro dishes from decades past. It was all about the reaction and awe generated from guests when the dish was presented. A little in-your-face, a little over-the-top, sometimes garish and sometimes a little horrendous.


Luckily for all the guests that attended Ms Shellie’s birthday party, it only looked OTT. Everyone was too afraid to eat it lest they ruin the beauty of the fish. It wasn’t until I broke the ice and scraped the head off one of the ‘fishes’ that they started getting into it.


What do you think? Do you love it? Do you hate it?


With the left over salmon rillette, you can place a quenelle on the remaining water crackers and garnish with dill to serve.

We also used some of it to toss over pasta and pickles, making it into a salmon pasta salad πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday (though months belated) once again to Shellie dear πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed this ‘present’!