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So I have a conundrum. Let’s all check off a few things we have recently discovered.

I have come to like baking.

I have a new found passion to bake all things with Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

I have a gluten intolerant work colleague who can’t eat anything I ever bring to work.

Thus, I feel terrible and bad. Sad that he patiently sits and watches everyone in good spirit munching on the latest cakes, brownies or cookies  which I have brought into work.

So I thought. I need to fix this situation. There must be some good tasting gluten free sweet item I can bring into work that isn’t made out of almond/hazelnut meal (he’s also allergic to certain types of nuts) or has gluten.

Browsing the beautiful Hannah’s blog, I came upon her Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispies treat and shouted out loud to myself, “BOOYAH!”


So I bookmarked the recipe and started sourcing for ingredients that were both nut free (Sir Win is allergic to some types of nuts but not peanuts *thank the Gods!*) and gluten free. It’s not hard to imagine that I stood befuddled in front of the Macro Wholefoods section for a good 15 minutes reading every label and triple checking that everything was what it claimed to be.

The local grocery store didn’t have Rice Krispies, but they did have Gluten Free Rice Puff Balls! We were on track. For the chocolates, it wasn’t as easy as buying a block of dark chocolate as I normally would do, as they all have some traces of tree nuts, or nuts in general. So I modified Hannah’s recipe and prayed to the Modified Recipes God to allow me to serve up a delicious treat for Sir Win!

I hope you enjoy, my slightly modified version of Hannah’s Chocolate PB Rice Krispies Treat πŸ™‚


Serve to happy people and/or sad people (it will make them happy).

Sir Win thought this was an absolute winner! I had some crumbs leftover which I tossed into yoghurt for an afternoon snack and it was AH-MUH-ZING!