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I woke up feeling that today is going to be a wonderful day. So I shall make it so. Positive thinking leads to positive acts which in turn, leads to a positive day (I hope so).

Anyways… good news is I didnt get fired. Well, did really well at work yesterday or so I thought and shall keep thinking =)

Not too sure what I’m supoose to blog about today.

I actually wrote a poem the other day about my first day at work. But somehow it got lost when I was setting up this blog. Drats. Let’s see if I can get the inner poet in me and try it again. Here goes:

Dragging leaden footsteps,
In a cold dark morning,
To a new place I dread,
Will I be happy there or will I be sad,
I hope I make it ’til the evening.

Arrived early as I should,
Director came out and told me to wait,
Nervous and a little scared,
Do I sit quietly or pretend to look busy?

Work starts, get told what to do,
The introduction begins,
Everyone says, “How do you do?”
I can see this will be a great place to be.

Time flies quickly,
Amidst being busy,
Maybe it won’t be so bad after all,
If it gets tough,
I’ll pick myself up after the fall.

Okay. That’s as much as I can dish out at 10.30am and it’s so different from the original which I wrote *sigh*