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It’s kinda sad that you would start the day with a sigh, and a hearty Sigh it is. Oh well, I’m about to go off to work today. The third week of my first ever job. Hope I survive it. But “the secret” recommends me to think positive. So positive thinking here I come.

I doubt I can really mess up today, it’s routine Monday work, which means I’ll have to sort out paperwork and call up people. But knowing me, in all my nervousness and being such a dolt, it’s highly possible for me to screw up again.

I’ve been having such extreme nightmares for the past three days (there goes my quiet resting weekend) *SiGGggGGghHHhhhhhhh*

Yesterday was a good day ‘tho. I complained that we never do anything. So I was taken to the city, where we went to Church (Palm Sunday), and then we went over to the National Galleries of Victoria for the viewing of “Sneakers”, and managed to squeeze in some sighthings of Asian domestic wares (*yawn*) and really cool Egyptian and nearby areas antiquities. Nice day. Very cultural. Haha.

What’s the worst that could happen today? Maybe get told off again. Or maybe get fired. What a great story. I lasted three weeks in my first job, screwed up so badly and got fired.

Think positive. Think positive. Must think positive.