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Just like Adele’s song, I feel that is exactly what I am doing right now…

Should I be enjoying my free time at home and just bum around or should I try and be gung-ho and attack my new life with a vengeance (clearly I’ve been reading to many fantasy/sci-fi/adventure books in my free time lately!)

I tried out my brand new skipping rope today… eagerly stepped out into the haze outside and braved inhaling and filling my lungs with smoke and started jumping… and then I realised, it isn’t as fun as and:

A.) I remembered from childhood days this was easier and more fun
B.) It requires a lot of energy to keep jumping
C.) I’m going to give up after 30 jumps (which I did!)

So I’m back here instead in front of my monitor listening to a random music of Jason Mraz, Adele and Britney… 2 out of 3 isn’t that bad… Next song on the playlist is T.I…. so who say’s I don’t have a wide range of music taste?

Why hasn’t my store of books revealed a secret scroll or a prophecy somewhere that entails saving the world and awakening some hidden power that allows me to finally achieve my “destiny”?

*sigh* Back to my books I suppose…