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Mummy, what shall I be when I grow up?

Should I be a painter?
But I cannot afford the canvas,
Should I be a writer?
But I have no creative flair,
Should I be an actor?
But I tend to overdramatize,
Should I be a singer?
But I tend to whine,
Should I be an accountant?
But I hate numbers,
Should I be a lawyer?
But I don’t like confrontation,
Should I be a superhero?
But I have no abilities,
Should I be a supervillain?
But I hate blood and gore.

Oh what should I be,
In times of strife,
Should I just accept me,
Or should I be deprived,
It’s not so easy,
To just be me,
I could be a poet,
But I lack rhyme,
Maybe if I just practice,
I will get better with time.

Oh Mummy, what should I be?
A doctor, lawyer or a banker,
Those just aren’t me.
Somebody please tell me.