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8 years… you choose to speak to me now… after 8 years

Your excuse, you didn’t want to get hurt, you had to go away. Well frankly Mr. Wolf, I still don’t understand.

You say you had to sacrifice my happiness, your happiness to find yourself? What about me? I seem to have lost myself and found it through other means. When other people are speaking proudly of their fathers, I stand silent… I know nothing. How can I be proud of you?

Silence for 8 years…. so many things have passed by, so many things that I wanted to say and have said in my mind and dreams, so many memories have been buried, so many feelings and emotions been left to dry in the dust. Suddenly they spring unbidden to the surface.

Would I, Could I learn to forgive? Indeed, understanding is all we long for, all we hope for.

Maybe I wasn’t the horrible daughter left behind to grieve for a lost cause… maybe there is hope. But it won’t be the same ever again…

There’s always a rainbow after the rain.

Let’s start at the very beginning.

Hello. Nice to meet you. I am your daughter…