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“Moon River what you do to me?”, is what Brandon Flowers (The Killers) is crooning to me right now on my playlist…

The sounds of fighting and shouting in Japanese is rampant behind me as the boy searches for the Ninja within him playing his new King Of Fighters Arcade game… I can hear it clearly, “ROUND 1 – FIGHT!”

Weekend has returned to it’s norm, where by we have our Saturday ritual of attending breakfast in our local Maccas joint, followed by a meaningless walk around Chadstone and admiring the displays in windows and smiling faces around us.

The sun is still hiding behind streaks of clouds, as though shame faced. The dust still hasn’t settled around Melbourne.

When will I find the motivation to step out into my land of sand castles and seashells. Hoping for a message in a bottle or even a simple bronze lamp to make my wishes come true…

I wish for blue skies and mornings like a Disney cartoon… sing little birds sing!! Where no one dies, and they live happily ever after.