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That’s a Jason Mraz Song by the way (JP you know it’s your fault!)

I had such a weird vivid dream. And I shall jot it down here, only because it is extremely weird and ended with Hungry Jacks (yUmMMm).

I was paddling on a surfboard (I dont know how or why) in the middle of the sea somewhere, when my mobile started ringing. It was my sister, asking me when was the last time I saw my stepmum. And I told her, I haven’t, I’ve only emailed her. SO, I hang up the phone and started paddling with my dad back towards the beach resort (which was like a village on stilts). On our way back to the beach, we saw this huge wave crashing down on us (which didn’t hit us), carrying a whole platoon of people.

The wave brought them away from the beach. They looked like villagers washed away from some Polynesian island.

Then we noticed that the water levels were rising. So, dad and I ran into the hotel and started to tell people to pack up and go to the highest level of the building. No one was taking as seriously. Which was very frustrating.

The area where there used to be grass was quickly filling up with seawater. Meanwhile, I was trying to argue with the tourist shopkeeper to dash upstairs and forget about packing his store as it was on the ground level. No hope.

I ran upstairs and knocked on every door (Amazing how much time or how little time there is in a dream), asking everyone to get the hell out and pack whatever they could.

Then I ran back to my own room, and started packing everything. Dad came into the room and said we had to go. And I started crying cos I hadn’t packed my sunglasses (this would not happen in real life!!!). He started shouting to go. And I started cursing all the other people that were stubborn and wasting my time before. Big waves were crashing everywhere. The sound was similar to a very loud thunder.

We ran to the car. There were about 5 other people there with us (4 wheeler) and a dog? Then we started driving (the water didn’t seem to be in our way anymore). There were so many cars all jammed up in the opposite direction and we had a smooth drive.

We pulled into Hungry Jacks drive-thru. And then…

I WOKE UP!…. what the??!!!

Now what does this dream say? I’m hungry? I can secretly paddle? I have issues?