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That’s what I think when I look at the Federation Square. You either love it or you hate it. A mesh of bundled metal, steel and glass.

The sun shines down on a wondrously mundane day in this puny planet we like to call home.

No alien invasions, no fantastical light beaming from a distant space ship.

No sorcerer, magic, spells, Gods that threathen our existence on Earth.

How boring and yet, how wonderfully mundane.

I sometimes wish, caught up as I am in living my boring and sometimes depressing life, that I had the power to bring alive a story or a character. Hence, stories such as Inkheart and Never ending story are so cherished in my heart.

How wonderful would it be, to live and breathe the air, watch and be apart of Middle Earth, to be friends with Belgarion and Polgara, to work alongside the wizards at Unseen University, to share the vision of Richard Rahl the Seeker of Truth, to be alive and laughing in Narnia.

Ahh.. that’s why I sleep so much. To dream the impossible, to escape to my many worlds of fantasy.