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Now as the title suggests (as much as I like the Leona Lewis song, it has nothing to do with what she is singing.), I’m just hoping that indeed I will feel better in time.

Bending down to pick up a fantasy book thinking that I have time to escape to another world, somehow, made me spring an old back injury when I fell down a flight of steps and crash landed on my coccyx (tail bone) and I hurt real bad for a long time.

Made it through the pain and walked home to heat up my lavender and wheat pouch for bad days such as this, went to bed and watched the remaining Heroes Chapter 4. Not sure if it was the pouch or the engaging storyline, but I didn’t feel pain for the next 3 hours.

Now that I’m going to bed after a nice rub down from the Boy, the twinge is back and I can’t sleep through the pain. Hence, I’m typing this out.

It’s times like these when you begin to wonder how fragile we humans are. How easily we take for granted all things in life that should work on a normal basis.

Take for example when I burnt my fingers the other day. It felt like I had cooked both of my index and middle finger on my right hand. Being right handed, that was not a pleasant experience. And I think I escalated the problem when I decided to finish cooking/pouring the extremely hot soup stock into the bowl before placing my injured fingers under cold running water.

Sometimes you just don’t think during emergencies. The brain shuts down and you end up working in a robotic mode.

I take for granted that I’m young and I can lift heavy objects or bend down to retrieve things really quickly, somehow my back bone doesn’t agree with my mind. It decides to complain (Really LOUDLY) that it cannot take the strain anymore.

Out of curiosity, what part of your body do you take for granted?