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Hot it was. Bright it was. Drove along and only paid attention to “Turn Left, Turn Right, Go Straight” instructions. Somehow ended back up on Princes Highway, along Grange Road, along my way back home.

Success was when I didn’t kill anyone but nearly witness an accident over some BMW that didn’t have any patience with traffic. Hah!

Refreshing it was to have Miss London drop by for a visit. I haven’t had any friends visit me since uni days. And that has been a long time.

Fun it was walking along the shops and eating in a Korean Restaurant.

Stupid the driver of the bus was on the way to Chadstone, missing every single bus stop along the way and being told off by school kids.

Interesting it was walking into shops and not having any money to spend and yet wanting to spend on everything.

Surprisingly delicious it was Red Bean Milk Shake. Good choice, whilst I stood by my Ice Honeydew Milk Tea.

Beautiful it was looking at the dress in Kookai and disbelief that it was $550!

Adorable it was how all the cute puppies and kittens were sleeping and playing in the windows of Pet Paradise.

Peaceful it was the bus ride to Oakleigh Station with Miss London. No need for any small talk. Full and contented like happy kittens we were.

Long somehow it was, the walk back home alone.

Happiness it was realising that it was only a 15 minute wait before the Boy came home from work.

Stressed it was to realise that I only had 15 minutes to prepare dinner and pretend that I had the menu planned all along =S

Contentment it is right now as I type this out knowing that I had a full day and knowing that I have the whole night to read my books in peace with no hurry to wake up in the morning 🙂