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Another day, another night, another morning, another day of aimlessness.

The weather is still depressing.. it’s scheduled to be thunderstorms for the next 3 days. Which is just the way I like it. Hopefully it’s too wet to start any fires.

I like the rain. I have always loved sitting on a nice comfy couch and watch as the heavy raindrops fall upon the ground. It fascinates me. It’s such a beautiful thing to observe. The rain.

Unless of course you are caught out in it, but it could be fun. One could always grab a bottle of shampoo and run a free TV commercial about dancing (singing a famous shampoo jingle is optional) and washing one’s hair in the rain and saving water at the same time. The only risks associated to that would be:

A.) Getting hit by a car (So make sure it’s done in a secluded area)
B.) Getting hit by lightning (where heavy rainfall is non too safe)
C.) Slipping on the ground and cracking open your head (so do this on a non-slip surface area)
D.) You might feel overly liberated by this experience and start ripping of your clothes and having a real shower (so try to do this in your bikini/swimwear, and it might be possible [If you are an exhibitionist])

Once you’ve done your bit and washed your hair in the open, you could run into the house and dry up. The water that you brought in whilst running and dripping all over the floor, can now be used to mop the area!

Thereby saving water again!!

I am indeed a water saving genius. Why hasn’t anyone thought about this yet?