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2.8kms! That’s how much I walked today. All because I forgot about my wallet… thank God I don’t live that far away.

Hello to the old lady living down the street who decided to take a walk with her walker thingy and a lady friend. I know I might look like a weirdo walking up and down the street in the hot hot sun, but I assure you, I was not stalking you or marking the course of your journey up and down the sidewalk in the span of 30 mins. I promise.

So, it’s Friday. D-day. Will I or Won’t I? Guess we’ll find out in a couple of hours.

Anyone read any books by Jennifer Fallon? Just bought a bunch of her books and will be getting more later as I want her to sign them next weekend at Supanova.

The Boy is extremely excited with Supanova as he is going to be a speechless moron lining up to take a picture with the Cheerleader that didn’t quite save the world. Times must be bad if she agreed to come down to Melbourne (no other famous ppl will be around. The dude that played Carlisle in Twilight pulled out and they decided to bring in the dude that played Eric [Justin Chon] instead… wtf??!!) to spend the whole weekend here. I wonder how much she’s getting paid.

I shall be experimenting in the kitchen tonight with a bottle of Chardonnay and seafood to surprise the Boy with some Marinara concoction. He’s going to be soooo proud of me! Which leads me to why I was out today, so.

Back to me walking in the sun. That’s the most annoying thing and (embarrassing), the fact that I had everything in my shopping basket and was walking up to the check-out counter just to discover that I did NOT have my wallet on me.

It’s times like these that you wish you could drive. And had a car. And had the appropriate driver’s license.

Incidentally, the driving lesson I had yesterday (yes, my first ever, and I’m 26. Got a problem?), went really well! An Israeli driving instructor who is patient and doesn’t go all sulky when a tree gets in my way… issssss FANTASTIC!

So, anyways. Got back to the grocery store, picked up my basket (which was left at the Customer Service Desk for Morons), and paid and did everything but run out really quickly from embarrassment.

That’s me for today (I hope). Oh yes, and I have also stepped cautiously into the twitter-verse.

Note to self: Be wary of going to bed with a cluttered mind from the days’ activities. Else more dreams about heartbroken and random Hokkien Noodle Japanese Porn Star man. It’s your fault, and you know it.