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When did I become so dependent on you? When was it that you showed you cared so much?

Why is it that I’m suddenly noticing it again for the first time? After being together for so long, why is it that I’m suddenly seeing you and appreciating you?

“Pause. Take a deep breath.”

Time has slowed down for me. I now have the opportunity to actually look, feel and see.

You’ve given me so much. All this time, I have taken you for granted.


Memories of a time many years ago, when you told me you would be here forever. I didn’t believe, could not allow myself to believe. How could I? But now…

“Snapshot this moment”

I never want to forget the way I am feeling right now. Tonight.

This longing. This intense feeling.

My heart aches.

Can I? Should I? It seems unfair that I haven’t given you all of me.

How? When? Loving me.

It doesn’t matter.

I want it to last forever.