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Not a care in the world. Just us sitting down and talking about our lives and the week that went by.

One new addition to our weekly meeting. Happy faces. Different backgrounds, united with a common situation and my love for chocolate.

One with a new start, one with new options, one with new experiences… and one stuck in the same old routine.

Choices of the day include:
A.) Suckao
B.) Belgian Waffles
C.) Souffle
D.) Have both A and B

Pictures can be viewed by following this web page:–melbourne.html

I opted for D!! Wuhoo… Such is life and such are the choices that my rusted wheel clogs in my mind have come down too. Soon I will be sitting on a chair darning socks and filling out Sudoku and Cross Word Puzzles on a rocking chair with a shot gun on my side and a cat on my lap… I don’t even really like cats all that much!

You said you miss me. How can I ever know that you speak the truth? When you grace me with your cold shoulder whenever I’m around. Words… are all lies.

Sweet Dreams..