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Guilt and Happiness. All I want is a simple kind of life.

Guilty of sleeping in til mid-morning and lazing in bed.

Guilty at having breakfast closer to lunchtime.

Happiness achieved by trying to get out of the house and meeting up with the Boy’s Aunties.

Happiness at spending quality time with family and not having stressful questions thrown at me (i.e. why haven’t u found a job, why are u not married, why don’t u buy a house, etc).

Guilty at staring at the computer and surfing the internet.

Guilty at not wanting to speak to anyone and wanting to be a hermit up in the mountain.

Happiness at reading my fantasy books.

Guilty that reading my fantasy books distracts me from reality.

Happiness at being able to provide the Boy with an array of dishes to avail his tastebuds for dinner.

Guilty that sometimes I feed him too early and he gets hungry at night before bed.

Happiness at having the freedom and time to enjoy my day.

Guilty for not having to work and stressing the Boy and family out.

Happiness at eating spoonfuls of Nutella from the jar.

Guilty because that seemed like a bad thing to do.

Guilty for putting my feelings and emotions for everyone to see here.

Happiness at having filled a void and not accumulating all my emotions.

Happiness at singing at the top of my voice along to my random playlist on Winamp.

Guilty at singing too loudly that it disturbs the neighbours.

Altogether now… *SIGH*