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So the day began, slightly overcast… then the Sun came out of hibernation and shouted.. “HELLO EVERYONE!!”

I set my alarm for 7am and snoozed it til 8am.. Why do I do that? (When my snooze is 5 mins).. I keep telling myself, 5 more minutes.. 5 more!

Chomped down on waffles and baked beans.. (I had run out of bread earlier in the week). My dear friends at Connex had kindly decided to cancel the 10am and delay the 10.15am to 10.25am. Huffing and not looking to glamorous, changed into my heels on the train and ran to the job interview.

It was a strange interview that seemed to be designed to intimidate and scare rather than promote the role.. maybe that’s why the previous incumbent in the role left in September and they have yet to find a replacement?


Got out of there and felt that I’d ruined all chances of securing the role… (good because I don’t think I would survive, bad because I really need the cash).

Met up with the London chic and had lunch at a Jap shop down a lane way on Bourke Street which I never knew was there (the shop, not the lane).

We got a bit thirsty and decided to head to some chocolate parlour. I had an chocolate affogato (very obvious where this chocolate parlour is right now if you are a chocolate parlour addict).

Received a call from the potential bosses regarding the interview. Basically, they informed me that they are still thinking about thinking about which candidate to go for. Very queer if you ask me.

Oh well. Cheers to knowing later on Friday.

Went on to Chadstone (VIP Night) to spend some money which I don’t have. Oh how I love retail therapy and Kevin Rudd!

Today! I’m gonna bust my driving instructors car and he is going to kill me. He is coming round at 2pm. Everyone that is living in my area, please stay at home and lock your kids up.

I feel like I should write about a dream I had about the boy. Maybe the next post.