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Inspiration, where does one get such a thing from?

Sometimes you look at something, and you wish that you could take a picture, a snapshot of the moment, the sound, the emotion … this is what it is to be human.

Sometimes, I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I try to pause and reflect. To slow things down. To try and understand what it is that makes me tick, that makes the things around me go tick and tock.

Time goes by so quickly. Before you know it, it’s 6 weeks into the future. What have I achieved?

Well.. good question. I have yet to go any further in my assignments. Yes thank you o’ great naggers.. you have managed to put some sense of guilt on my mind.. could I trouble you to finish it for me? *Hint*

I have learned how to press the accelerator pedal in Jazzy and brake suddenly. Baby, it wasn’t my fault. The tree appeared out of nowhere. How was I suppose to know the steering wheel would turn back on it’s own? That’s why I’m on “L” plates!!!!! Stupid Tree!!

If I were a tree, I’d kindly step out of the way and say, “Pardon me, Miss. Didn’t know you were heading my way.” Bah! I say to the council that planted the tree there in the first place. Who would plant a tree at the corner of the curb surrounded with two poles??? It’s a traffic hazard.

I have learned that procrastinating is central to my nature. Who knew that one could waste so much time chopping garlic? Reading books? Finishing my Heroes season 3?

6 weeks, and I have yet to complete anything that I set out to do. Where do I find the excuses and time?

I wish my assignment were as easy as “Aku sebatang pensil/pen/pembaris/basikal”. That would set my creativity running… instead of logging into various Department websites and writing about how people are able to get information out of it. How is that contributing to me gaining knowledge for my Training and Development?

To end this. One should always wear sunblock, screen themselves from the sun. Wear a hat. Especially if you happen to be so down south on the earth here. The sun kills. Be wary of any moles, they might turn nasty on you.

I wonder if the sun feels any guilt? Who’s the say the sun has no feelings. “Why how dare you soak up my warmth and then say that I give you cancer!!.. *harrumph*