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So there was the annual Melbourne Motorshow… where we can find my dream car. The new Lamborghini LP560-4.. and boy… Woot…

But I digress… it was a day of watchamacallits… clothing warehouse sale, luxury cars, casino parking, arcades… (yes! I Trashed the boy in Street Fighter!!)… Movies

Watchmen… was a close enough adaptation of the graphic novel as it can get… You can’t possibly fit everything .. but yes, amongst the gore, pints of blood and naked bodies, the story was clear enough, although some parts were ommited and changed to make it fit into 3 hours.

Lycans’ (Underworld 3) however, left a lot of questions unanswered and a lot more to be desired. The special effects weren’t that fantastic… and the lycans looked more like Halloween characters. The only good thing from the movie was that they used the original cast. Oh well.

New trailers that have got me going GaGa… Star Trek (yes.. I’m a geek), Angels & Demons, Wolverine, Monsters vs Aliens!!!

Here’s to another two days with the boy.. we love the long weekends… I love it!!!

Questions on what I’m doing, on where I’m heading constantly come my way. My only answer is.. I’m surviving.