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“Where’d you go,
I miss you so,
It seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone”

9 long years. Somehow it seems that time passed by in a blink of an eye.

1st of February. I always remember your birthday, ‘cos it’s a public holiday. Every public holiday that comes by, I think of you and make a toast.

I remember the time when we were young. Running around the house (several houses, we seem to move a lot back then). Jumping down stairs. Screaming. Terrorising everybody in the house. Christmas mornings.

You told me scary stories. I would cry. We played hide and seek, and sometimes you forgot to find me.

There was once, I got locked out of the house and you got in trouble for that. We were both sent to bed without any dinner.

Fast forward, years passed. We talked about the good old days. What you wanted to do. What I should be doing. No one seemed to ever have the time for us.

I was much too young. You were always 5 years ahead of me. I looked up to you, somehow.

And then suddenly, I’m at your hospital bed. Holding on to your hand. Wanting to tell you so much. Wanted to share with you what I felt.

Too late. Time passes us by. We regret to say things that we are afraid to say. So uncool to say.

9 years on. Forever 21. Memories of you live on…

I miss you.