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Wuhoo!!! I am still on high from Mr. A-Z. as well as the driving in the rain I just completed.

On days like these, I miss you more than most. I ache for the good times, the joy, the laughter, the love I thought we shared. I dreamt of you the other night. It was a short intense bittersweet dream. Reminding me that I have yet to let you go, or at least my subconscious can not or will not let you go.

It’s okay, let it go, let the good times roll.

*ding**dong*… OoOOohhh… another parcel delivery… the doorbell has been in active drive today…


10-15 minutes later

*attacking the packaging in glee!!!!*

My Wii microphone and the Boy’s Microsoft Office pack is here…. WuhOoOOoo!!!

Can the start of the weekend get any better?