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That is how it felt like buying Beyonce’s I am… tickets. It just went like crazy. I couldn’t get the seats I wanted, so.. bah!… Sucks… I really want to go for this concert !!! Damn Damn Damn!!!

Sun is out shining… a really weird odd day for a supposed “Autumn-Winter”. It is so hot that my walks today actually had me thirsting for water from the heat.

Lunch with the Boy’s Aunt was fun.

A friend mentioned that we are “most definitely” an old married couple. And that’s just the way it should be. Nearly 8 years, I think we deserve an applaud for lasting longer than most marriages!!!

Self congratulatory to be inserted here. Standing ovation is optional. So are autographs. But feel free to take pictures…

I smile at flashing lights =)

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday Mummy dearest!!!