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Having dinner with Mr.Perth after a long day at the aquarium at one of my fave Jap places.. Izakaya Chuji… reasonable and delicious with authenthicity!!!

A day filled with looking at sea creatures and a night filled with feasting of the said sea creatures! YuMmmMmm

We HAD to have some sake.

A plate filled with King Fish, Tuna, Salmon, and Whiting Sashimi. Deliciousssss

Fresh oysters with Ponzu Sauce…slurp!

Deep fried river fish (pregnant and filled with eggs!) served with mayo.

Geso Karaage – Deep fried squid tentacles served with mayo.

Nasu Dengaku – Grilled eggplant served with Miso sauce.

Ebi Hasa Miage – Tempura fried shitake mushrooms stuffed with prawn paste

Is anyone hungry yet?!

Phew.. and there’s more to come =)

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