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Ahh yes, “the rains are here Marge”! Ahh, McCain’s, you’ve done it again!

Woke to the brilliant news that I am getting my $900 from the government after all… and THUNDERSTORMS…. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee THUNDERSTORMS….
The thunder has been going on for quite sometime now.. it’s 12pm and yet it looks like 7pm in the evening or 6am in the morning… I absolutely love it..

The heavy rain always brings out a nostalgic side in me. It’s the one time when I miss KL more than anything. I miss my mummy! Yeah I said it (Chris Rock’s voice).

I can’t believe it, but moping around the house, staying up til 3am most nights and waking at 11am takes more effort than I like. I never knew it was such a hard lifestyle to maintain, at least not during uni days…


Ok. Thank goodness for surge protectors… I just turned my computer back on after it went off followed by a bright flash and a loud baritone rumbling…. Sometimes, it seems that there are Giants throwing rocks at each other… or that the Gods are simply rearranging their furniture… or being pursued by Paparazzi and punishing them by clapping thunder on their heads after all the flashing lights… =)


As per usual, I get easily distracted and digress. Incidentally, the word Egress means Exit. Hah.. betcha didn’t know that.

So anyway… this living the life of a uni student is really taking it’s toll on me, I oversleep on a daily basis (I only started this experiment this week, on a Monday). Have breakfast at 12noon, Have lunch at 4pm, And then have dinner at 1am… it’s amazing…. My body clock is all wrong and should fit in perfectly with the time back home (which is 3 hours behind).

So here ends my experiment. I long to have bedtime hours that start from 11pm-8am ( I once slept straight for 15 hours.. my mum thought I was really sick *)

*But I was just really sleepy, nothing she said or did could wake me up


I want to go home so bad. Feeling just a tad homesick. Feeling just a tad useless stuck in this place where I enjoy escaping to my fantasy worlds.. but at the same time, I’m tired of escaping.

Feeling a bit gloomy to job prospects. Feeling a tad sad that I don’t have many friends here. Feeling a tad depressed that my qualifications seem to just gather rejections.


On the brighter side. There’s THUNDERSTORMS!