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There is indeed a new workout plan. Albeit the exact opposite of Kanye’s regime.

We start at approximately 11am (depending on the weather, sometimes +- 1.5 hours).

Have a cup of hot beverage (which can be either, green tea, black tea, english breakfast tea, hot coffee, Ipoh white coffee, Bavarian Coffee, Vienna Coffee, Kopi-O, or Milo).

A.) Wash Clothes
B.) Mop the Floor
C.) Vacuum
D.) Dust the house
E.) Lounge around restlessly

More often than not, we opt for option E. as that requires the least energy.

After that, we can lounge around somemore.

At 4pm (after many hours of lounging and surfing the internet, playing PC games, playing on Wii), then it’s time to get ready our dinner.

At 5.30pm, we can start cooking so that when HRH, the Boy arrives home, his senses can be assaulted by the frangrant aromas’ wafting out of the kitchen.

I will thus be greeted by his royal Grumpiness as he takes out on me the unfairness of working life, and how little I can contribute at the moment because I am, jobless and lazy.. as mentioned before.

After the little berating I get, dinner will commence and he goes and tinkers with his computer whilst I again, lounge restlessly and longing for a decent conversation apart from the ones I have with the walls and floor on occasion throughout the day.

At night, he pops off to bed, and I stare at the gloomy night, praying endlessly that tomorrow, this daily torment will come to an end.

And tomorrow is another day.