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The cold night air.. frozen fingertips… dull ache in my weary bones…

Decaying hope… an inkwell of forgotten dreams… memories of faces unfamiliar, unbidden, forgotten come to mind.

This heavy cast of blackness unfurling its edges like a mother encasing her child with warmth and protection. A blanket of fear and hopelessness descends upon me. Unable to scream, a choked sob escapes my lips.

How did it become like this? When will this torment end? Will the light shine for me once again?

I have no answers to my desperate questions. I see no light and there is no end to this tunnel of doom.

Screeching above my head in the dark clouds above, unbidden images of black dragons flying. They are looking for prey. They are looking for a victim.

They are looking for me.

Run now, run. There’s nowhere to hide. No trees, no cover… lost in a wide open space of swirling darkness. My fear is my only company.

The blackness, as much as I loath it, ironically, is keeping me alive for now. Why are they looking for me? I cannot remember.

I struggle to remember who I am. Only a brief flash of a face. A handsome pale face. Eyes, the colour of golden honey. Hair black as the darkness around me. Pale as a ghost. And then the face is gone.

It is so dark that I cannot even see my own hands. Powered by adrenaline and the need to survive and find some light and warmth, I run silently on.