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The day began with an outing to Sharks Fin House as Mr.Perth wasn’t really up for anything. He was a bit down… I hope it wasn’t to do with my extremely fantastic touring guiding! Oh well…

Went on to NGV (National Gallery Vic)… which I highly recommend because:
A.) It’s Free
B.) It’s Huge
C.) It has a really good range of collection ranging from Ancient Rome and Egypt Antiquities and Art to Oriental Art and Antiquities, to European art and sculptures.

A walk around the city provided me with a glimpse of certain shops that I never knew existed.. which is why I love Melbourne so much. You always find new things to learn and experience.

A familiar gathering of warm and friendly faces during dinnertime had us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside…

The Boy was funny and we were all frightened by the clown hiding with the baby in the room.

Scary stories…. Eep!