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Reminiscing about your Brown Eyes… with Lady GaGa crooning in the background. Really.

Why did you have to tell me?

Why could you not just leave it be?

Why dig it all up and stir it all up?

I want to be looking into the depths of your eyes again. I want to feel the warmth embrace and hear the laughter. I want the sarcasm. I want the smile. I want it all back.

But I cannot.

I want to move on. But I am stuck.

What ifs keep plaguing my mind and tormenting my soul.

Why is this happening now?

You just wanted to let me know. And then?

What was your plan?

What was the great evil scheme you had in mind?

A few seasons too late. A few years too late.

I am no longer who I once was.

I am no longer who you think I am.

I no longer want to be her.

Timing. Something we never seem to be really good at. Always the timing has been off.

Happily Never After.

I smile to the future. A new season had already begun.