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Today, I shall be showing you how to make char siew (Barbeque pork)… my style…. lalalala…

But in the morning, I bent down and hurt my back again (whilst brushing my teeth), so after getting jiggy with the pork… The Boy had to come to the rescue and cook the rest of the dinner =) So useful too…

Plus I had him as a personal masseuse before sleep as well. And it was extremely bony and painful.. but my back doesn’t hurt that bad anymore.. so it must have done good ^_^

Note to self: Go get medical cover, then go for an x-ray.. although it’s been 8 years since I sustained the injury, I don’t know what they can conclude from this.

Reminder to readers: When coming down a flight of stairs, make sure you’re not running and the floor isn’t wet. The combination is deadly and very very painful….

Char Siu Wan Tan Mee:

So… the ingredients are very simple;
Pork (Shoulder, or if you want fat, get the fattier bits =))
Egg noodles ( I felt like using Chow Mein this time), but I usually use Wan Tan Mee, and
Bean Sprouts (Taugeh!!)

Marinate the pork with salt, pepper, light and dark soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar (or honey)

After a minimum marinating time of 30 mins, or when you want to have your dinner, pop it into the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Not too sure if you’re using a conventional oven, so experiment and keep checking!

And ta-dah… serve it up with the noodles, bean sprouts and (the Boy added Choy sum)…