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More than most, today it just feels pointless waking up.

I was happy that the weekend was nearly here, my only point of happiness these days, that you’ll be home with me. Then I realise, you’re not going to be, not for this weekend and not for the next.

No more excuses for light to shine through this dreary existence. I’m tired. I’m over it.

I know, I’m being extremely childish. I don’t want to be left alone. I don’t want you to go. But I know you have to. I’m so scared that whatever you’re going to experience is going to shatter the innocence that you have.

Keeping you here will just be selfish of me. But I’m still afraid.

You said, “I’m going to miss you so much!”. My heart melted. I can’t ever deny you anything.

Oh well, the only positive side is that I can eat as much lamb and food experiments that I can cook up whilst you’re away.

For the next week or so at least, I can drink as much cola and eat as much candy as I want.

Note: There’s a discount lolly shop just opened up at my place (there’s something seriously wrong with that sentence… whatever)… anyone interested?

2 giant boxes of Baci for $20!!! 2 boxes of 600 pieces of sour cola bottles for $10!! Maybe those days filled with sour cola bottles are behind us, but they were fun whilst they lasted…