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So.. one of the good things, as I’ve mentioned before about being alone or cooking for myself, is that I can experiment and cook whatever I want.

I felt a bit homesick, so I logged onto Kuali to search up Marmite Pai Kuat….

Apparently… Amy Beh only believes in Marmite Pork Belly… so ignoring her main ingredient as I had leftover pork ribs from before, here we go!

First up, marinate the pork with soy sauce (light and thick), Chinese 5 spice powder, Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Tapioca flour (which I didn’t have and replaced with corn flour), for at least several hours or overnight

This is how the 5 spice powder looks like. Compliments of my dear Grandmother who got it from Penang =)

The main gravy ingredient! Marmite.. I actually found it in Safeway! Woot! Go Sanitarium!

So I’ve got the pork, with more corn flour scattered over them, cornflour (to be mixed with water as the thickening agent) and;
Marmite Gravy (Soy Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Marmite, Thick Soy Sauce, Maltose, Honey, Pepper, and 300mls of Water)

Start by deep-frying the pork until golden brown

Drain and set aside

In a wok or pan, heat up some oil and add in the Marmite Gravy ingredients, bringing it to a simmering boil

Add in the pork, and let it simmer on a reduce heat

Turn over and continue simmer for at least 30 minutes or until pork is tender

And there you have it! Marmite Pork Ribs!!

To accompany it, cook some green vegies. I’ve opted for green beans.


A happy dinner indeed!!