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Anyone interested about Mushroom Risotto? I got the recipe from Cuisine

I seem to be blogging a lot more on recipes and food than I usually do. It helps keep me entertained and happy. As well as the melancholy and depression away.

I love food, and food is my life… apart from the Boy of course… he’s not very edible.. much too many bones!

So anyways, this is what you’ll need for the mushroom risotto;
Chicken Stock, Butter, Onion, White Wine, Mushroom (Wild, Button,Mushroom Cups Large.. Anything really), Risotto Rice, Parmesan Cheese

Saute’ the onions ’til soft ( I added a bit of brown sugar to help it caramelise, I like sweet onions) and then add in the Risotto and stir through until the grains are transparent

Add in the larger mushrooms and stir through

Then add in the button mushrooms *SLURP*
Do this all the whilst adding in the chicken stock slowly and simmer

It will take approximately 30-40 minutes (depending on how much stock/water you keep adding, more = quicker)
Once it’s cooked, turn off the heat and stir through some butter and parmesan cheese
Cover and let it rest for about 3-4 minutes

You can serve it as it is


I added crispy fried bacon =))))

This serves 4 (or at least what I did serves 4).. so I’ve got leftovers for lunch for two days!! YuMmMmmm