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Cranky. Fickle. And I have no right to feel so…

A new haircut. Absolutely unhappy with it. Resolution to grow it out and never touch it again! Promises are meant to be broken.

Ms. London informs me that sadly, she will be leaving and returning back to the land of Big Ben and the Eye. Situation sucks.

Eggplant Chips… yummMmmm!!!….

And I should have mentioned before… I am a born again Trekkie! It was awesome!! I think the whole make-over of the storyline is fantastic and brilliant!!….

I spotted Wynona Ryder!! Yayyy… the Boy thought I was seeing things… But I did not spot Eric Bana! Make-UP was awesome…

Now I’m counting down to Terminator and Transformers!! WuhOoooo

No Doubt rocked on Ellen…!!!