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You say Potato, I say Patato… la la la…

So anyways, I decided to try something new. My version of Potato Croquettes.

My mum told me about this variation using tuna and chili, and I thought to myself, “why not?”

However, because the Boy dislikes both tuna and chili, I had to be a little creative here.

Very simple ingredients, however, it does take a while to prepare.

I minced fresh chicken breast (about 2 tenderloins)… (Yes, I like to mince chicken or any other meat on my own as it allows me to WHACK the heck out of the chicken and releases my pent up frustration and stress!)

Finely chopped carrots, half a carrot is enough here (You can tell I went slightly overboard, and used 2 carrots, and now I have a bowl of chopped carrots sitting in the fridge)
And mash potato (which I had earlier prepared and mashed with just butter and salt, and I used 2 Coliban potatoes)

What you want to do is, mash up all the ingredients.
Yes the raw chicken and carrots into the mash potato and give it a good mashing!

The you want to roll (about a teaspoon) of the mash and flatten slightly with the palms of your hands

Heat up the oil (a lot, as you want to deep fry them), in a pan. Initially I tried with a small pot, but the first croquette disintegrated when I touched it.
Fry them until golden brown

As usual, this experiment turned up to be a complete success!!!
I served with it with a simple stir-fry round beans (with Oyster Sauce), and Ginger, Soy and Honey chicken!