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Just when you’re this (finger width) close to giving up and thinking you’re about to eat tin sardines for the next half of the year…

You get your package stimulated… so.. well done Mr. Prime Minister… Thank you very much… !!!

Learning things is all well and truly good, but do we really want to sit and listen and perform when there is zero interest? Ahhh.. but the Boy believes that if you keep doing something, you will either:

A.) Grow to like it
B.) Do it anyway because his way is the best way and don’t argue!

Somebody throw me a freakin’ bone here!! I need a lifeline!!! Why is it that in reality you don’t get 3 chances before you’re booted of the face of the earth?

Feeling a tad melancholic today, are we not?

And… talking to myself again… what am I to do?